Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions I get asked pretty often. Hopefully you'll find the answers you're looking for!


I'm so lost! I don't know where to go or how to pose. Do I need to know these things?

No worries! That's why I'm here. If you don't have any ideas of where to go or how to pose I will help you every step of the way! That's why we have planning sessions or create Pinterest boards together. I will always make sure you get what you need out of a session. 

How will I get my Images after the session?

If you booked a regular session or a senior session, you have a variety of purchasing options. There is a session fee that must be paid before the session or the day of the session. Once I complete your images, we will meet at a predetermined location so I can reveal your gallery to you!

I have a variety of purchasing options from print packages, wall portraits, and digital bundles. 

Do I still have to pay the session fee if I purchase a Print package?

Yes, you will still have to pay the session fee if you book a regular session or a senior session.

If you book a wedding with me, those session fees are factored into my wedding packages, so you "pay" for that time when you purchase a package. 

I want to share my images on social media! How can I do this if I only purchase prints?

I understand the desire of wanting to share your images on social media. Once you have placed your print order, I will give you a web-resolution copy of the image you ordered that has my watermark on the image. You are able to share these as often as you like on the internet, but you do not have the printing rights to these images, as it is a violation of copyright. 

Are you willing to travel?

Most definitely!  My schedule typically has the ability to be flexible and meet you where you are.*  

*Milage rates do not apply to sessions booked within a 30 mile radius and the Kansas City area. 

How can I pay for my Session and Print Packages?

I know that when it comes to larger purchases it's easier for me to pay the amount a little at a time versus all at once. I can set up a payment plan that's right for you! Once 75% of your order has been paid, that's when I place your order and then your order will be delivered once the additional amount has been paid in full.

If I don't purchase a digital bundle with printing rights, what will happen if I need that image printed again?

Don't worry! I always archive my images and I never delete a session. You can place another order any time you need more images! 

Why do you primarily sell prints over digitals?

There's a few reasons, actually:

  1. I'm in the business of creating art, not simply taking a photograph. All great works of art are meant to be on display, and not left sitting on your flash drive or CD.
  2. I have been that client who kept their images on a CD for A WHOLE YEAR before printing them. I honestly would have been happier if I would have purchased printed images directly from the photographer.
  3. Technology is constantly evolving and is imperfect, meaning CD's are becoming obsolete, so one day you may not be able to retrieve those images (my current laptop doesn't even have a CD port, so I wouldn't be able to burn you a CD if I wanted to). Flash drives have been known to corrupt, meaning your images are unretrievable at that point. I also can't tell you how many flash drives I have misplaced.

Think of it this way: What will you have that you are going to be able to pass down through the years to your family? A CD? I don't think so. In the future they may not have a way to look at the images on your CD's (think of VHS's and where they are now). I just mentioned how flash drives are so easily misplaced (I'm sure the VHS principle applies here, too).

But you know what holds its own for years to come? PRINTS! We have boxes and boxes of black-and-white family images that have been passed down through the years. Having a tangible memory you can hold in your hands is worth so much more than something that has the potential to be lost forever sitting on a CD or a flash drive.

Just think about it...

But what if I need digitals for a certain project?

You have a few options. I do sell digital bundles that come with the printing rights to the images. Just communicate your needs to me and we will see if we can reach a solution!

If you are needing the images for commercial use, let's talk! You have some different options as well. 

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