Mykayla Moore-Senior Session

Despite what many photographers say in regards to working with family members, I have always had a good experience when it has come to working with family. I am blessed! Mykayla is a cousin of mine, and I was thrilled when she asked me to take her senior pictures this past fall.

Nature Walk

We walked around the land surrounding Elsmore Lake, close to Elsmore, Kansas. Mykayla wanted to come here because the area is sentimental to her. 


This rustic bridge on a country road made for perfect scenery!


Mykayla was determined to get some pictures of her posing in the water. However, I think we all underestimated how deep the water was going to be. So….
She fell in (insert laughing crying face emoji here).
But it wasn't that bad! 
We were trying to figure out where she should step, and she slipped on the rock she was standing on and fell chest high in the water. Luckily, we were almost through at that location and with the session in general, so we just worked in wet clothing for a little while. Despite the short swim, we still got some great shots and had a lot of fun!

Furry Friends

What's your senior session without having your furry friends join the fun?

In Conclusion

I don't get to see Mykayla very often, but it was great to catch up during her session and discover what a beautiful young lady she's become, inside and out! 

Caitlin Shepard