Moriah Parker-Senior Session

When the Parkers first approached me about wanting to have Moriah's senior portraits taken, they told me that Moriah had a very naturalistic style, and that's why she gravitated to my style of photography. As a photographer that's something you love; when your style gets a compliment.

See, in a photographer's world, when people compliment your style it's like getting a compliment on your appearance; such as your hair looking pretty or your outfit looking fashionable. It just makes you feel good!

Of course, Moriah was the perfect subject; she's just a natural beauty! 

Middle of Nowhere

I've used this bridge once before, but that was quite a long time ago. I figured it was time to revisit this location. I just love old structures like this. Plus, I feel like this setting truly brought out her eye color, simply beautiful!

Let Your Light Shine

I love this set of images. And now I want a dress like that! So chic and free-spirited!

All Roads Lead Home

Moriah's biggest request was to have portraits taken on a road with yellow lines. Let me tell you, it was a little bit of a challenge to 1) find a road with very little traffic 2) find solid yellow lines and 3) be able to see the yellow lines on the road, and not look faded and worn out. 
It all ended up working out in the end! We found the perfect place (bonus, there were no power lines in sight either!) right at sunset. Those colors are just stunning!

In Conclusion:

I'm so thankful that I get to work with people who appreciate my style. They make the job 110% worth it and the session that much more memorable. 

Caitlin Shepard