Kyndal & Kolbi-Senior Session

With the new school season approaching, that also means a new senior class is up to bat and ready to take on the year that lies ahead. There's so many things to look forward to as a senior in high school, homecoming nominations, attending your senior prom, and pulling the occasional prank here and there.

But the most exciting part about your senior year is (in my opinion) having your senior portraits taken!

And I'm glad these two were just as excited as I was.

Introducing: Kyndal & Kolbi

Planning for these portraits actually began three months ago, almost as soon as school was out in the spring. I was so excited when their mom, Kim, messaged me and told me the girls wanted me to take their senior pictures. I was ecstatic! I had never taken portraits of twins before (I honestly think it's every photographer's dream to work with twins). I was ready to get the ball rolling on some ideas for these two. Oh, the possibilities!

As I do for many of my clients, I created a Pinterest board for each girl so I could see what they had in mind for their upcoming session. I saw many pins that involved hats and creative sports portraits, which was really exciting! I love the idea of cute props and embodying their hobbies in their photographs.

It's Good To Try New Things

Along with never photographing twins before, I also brought along with me some new equipment I had never really gotten to test out on a client before (but trust me, I did know how to use it!). Along with my camera I brought my Flashpoint SL-360K1 StreakLight 360, which is just the official name for an off-camera that produces *amazing* results. It was the perfect solution for 1) the bright sunlight that comes from an August day and 2) creating dramatic lighting for the sports portraits they were wanting.

Classy & Chic

Like I said, the girls were envisioning portraits with hats, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! I absolutely love these striped dresses.

Sassy & Sweet

I love how the color of their dresses fit the scene we were in so perfectly. Bright hues are just perfect for a summertime session!

Fast & Fierce 

My off-camera flash coming in clutch! I was SO impressed with the results it gave me for the kind of images these girls were wanting up on the track. Both girls have been on the varsity team since their freshman year.

When we were finishing up the very last pose from this set, my flash stopped working. Kim was holding it for me at the time and she started to freak out a little because she thought she broke it, but I knew there was nothing she could have done to "break" it. I figured it was probably overheated from 1) it being the month of August and 2) the flash working at full power. Luckily it started working again when I got home and let it cool off, so Kim's fears were put to rest ;) 

Determined & Daring

Anyone who knows the McIntosh twins knows their favorite sport is basketball! These girls are dangerous on the court and have been on the varsity team since their freshman year. They are so athletic!

In Conclusion

I really had the time of my life photographing these images for the McIntosh's! I can't wait to see what other new adventures come along with photographing more seniors in the next few months.