Haily + Alex-Engagement Session

Probably one of most flattering unspoken compliments one creative individual can give to another is when they hire you for the service you provide. Haily and I are both graduates of the Graphics and Imaging Technologies Department at Pittsburg State University. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when she asked me to photograph her engagement session and her wedding!

Let me tell you; Haily is a PHENOMENAL graphic designer. I look up to her and her abilities as an artist. She is very mindful in her approach and sparks creativity in others. I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in her graphic design career. Her fiancé, Alex, is going into the army reserves in the signal core and will be graduating in August with a degree in Computer Information Systems.

Here were some things about Haily and Alex's relationship that she shared with me:

-Haily and Alex met eight years ago in high school and talked about Fall Out Boy on the first day of their sophomore year.

-Later that school year, Alex rearranged his family's plans one day just so he could attend an art show where Haily had a couple of her artworks hung.

-Alex proposed to Haily at her family's lake house on the lake and secretly filmed the whole thing.

-One time, Haily and Alex went to see one of "The Hobbit" movies and they were the only two left in the theater. The song "I See Fire" began playing in the credits and they danced in the theater until the credits ended. 

SO ROMANTIC. These two seem like such a great balance. Haily also mentioned how she appreciates how Alex tolerates her beloved cat, Watson because he's allergic.

Now for some images of this lovely couple:

A Golden Afternoon

There's a park across the street from Union Station. Haily specified that she wanted her engagement photos taken in the fall because she loves the colors that time of the year and they are her absolute favorite (trust me, this detail is important to graphic designers; our favorite colors are our favorite for a reason!). This was the perfect location to capture those fall colors she requested!

Meet Me in the City

HailyAlex Layout2.png

Kansas City is so beautiful! No wonder all the natives are in love with it. 

Down By the Station

Since they began dating eight years ago, Haily and Alex have taken the train from Kansas City to St. Louis over 40 times to visit each other! Incredible.

I'm glad was able to capture the image with the flag hanging up in the archway since Alex is joining the reserves and Haily's family has some military background. The grounds surrounding the station are simply gorgeous. A huge ‘thank you' to my boyfriend and assistant, Edgar, for letting me use your camera and wide-angle lens to capture the images of the buildings! 

In Conclusion

Our professors at Pittsburg State were correct when they said that you would never know which of your classmates you would be working on your professional career. I would never have imagined myself photographing and engagement session for Haily, but I'm so glad that I am! I can't wait to work with her and Alex again in October for their wedding; it's going to be amazing!

Caitlin Shepard