Styled Shoot at Cedar Tree Barn

The Outdoor Ceremony Space at Cedar Tree Barn

The Outdoor Ceremony Space at Cedar Tree Barn


Greetings, Friends! I am truly ecstatic to share with you all one of the biggest and most exciting projects I’ve ever been a part of now that it’s complete! The Styled Shoot at Cedar Tree Barn has been an exciting endeavor that included so many talented vendors, models, and helping hands. This wouldn't have been made possible without the hard work of everyone involved, and I’m so proud to share with you the result of our collaboration!


In the Beginning…

In my last blog, I shared with you about how my younger sister is now engaged to the love of her life as well as some fun images from their engagement session! Once the initial excitement of being engaged wears off a little, you quickly realize that you have a wedding to plan! I personally think that booking the venue is the step in the wedding planning journey that really allows for everything else to be set in motion.


I know that over the past few years when Cristin and I have discussed our dream weddings, she’s always wanted her special day to take place in a barn. Even though we live in southeast Kansas, there isn’t exactly an abundance of barn venues to choose from. We were pretty excited to finally stumble across Cedar Tree Barn, which is located south of Parsons, KS and just outside of Altamont, KS. Cristin made an inquiry and we booked a tour almost immediately!


Despite the rainy and cold weather the day we toured Cedar Tree Barn, we were blown away by everything this place had to offer:


Bride and Groom cabins for getting ready, a beautiful cedar barn for your ceremony/reception, an outdoor ceremony area with old church pews, and an arbor if your wish is to get married outdoors, a firepit, and an abundance of beautiful landscaping and gorgeous country scenery!


Needless to say, it’s already booked for Cristin and Tav’s special day next spring!


Jennifer Manahan and her husband, Justin, recently purchased Cedar Tree Barn in December 2017. Since gaining ownership, the couple has spent a lot of time making sure this is the venue of your dreams. They’ve installed heat and air in the barn, have worked meticulously on the landscaping, expanded the parking lot, and have even made it an option to bring your own alcohol to your reception if you desire. While we were touring, my mom mentioned to Jennifer that I was a professional photographer. After some discussion Jennifer commented that she had very few images of her space to use for marketing and would love to have some updated images, I asked if she had ever heard of a “styled shoot” before and that’s really when things began to roll.


So, What is a “Styled Shoot”?

For those of you that are wondering, a styled shoot is a collaborative effort between vendors to showcase the best of their talents in a particular event space for the event itself. We had nine vendors in total who were involved in the shoot in some way! Obviously, all the vendors work in the wedding industry. We decided early on that we wanted to show off the barn with an elegant atmosphere. We were aware that a barn and a rustic theme go hand-in-hand, but we also were confident that Cedar Tree Barn could be more than that and fit more than one type of wedding and could be suited for more than one type of bride.


With many hours of correspondence, planning, and effort, the shoot came together more beautifully than imagined. We were so thrilled to have the help of four amazing models that day to bring the space to life! We’re so thankful for their time and contribution to the shoot.


Now that you have some background on the Styled Shoot at Cedar Tree Barn, I am delighted to share every single vendor that was involved. Listed below are the names, social media, and/or points of contact for each vendor. Please give them all a “like” or follow their pages! They are all extremely talented and dedicated to making your wedding day a success! I could not recommend them more.


All Seasons Floral & Gifts- Facebook: All Seasons Floral & Gifts

Blushing Bee MUA- Facebook: @blushingbeemua Instagram: @blushingbeemua

Caitlin Shepard: Photo & Design- Facebook: @caitlinshepardphotodesign Instagram: @caitlinshepardphotodesign

Caroline’s Lettering Co.- Facebook: @carolinesletteringco Instagram: @carolinesletteringco

Cedar Tree Barn- Facebook: @CedarTreeBarn Instagram: @cedartreebarnwedding

Parsons Fine Jewelry- Facebook: Parsons Fine Jewelry

Sweet Pear Bakery- Facebook: @sweetpearbakery

Windy Hill Weddings- Email:

Tux Rented from BluBoots in Coffeyville, KS- Facebook: @bluboots


Cedar Tree Barn


Styling & Decor-Windy Hill Weddings


Chalkboard Lettering-Caroline's Lettering Co.


Makeup-Blushing Bee MUA


Floral Arrangements-All Seasons Floral and Gifts


Cake Decorating-Sweet Pear Bakery 


Friends, I hope you feel as inspired as I did working on this styled shoot. It was a great opportunity to work alongside other talented people and build this shoot from the ground up. I cannot wait to see what Cristin comes up with for her own wedding and what you have envisioned for yours. And of course, if you ever need guidance or assistance with your event, you can always ask me or any of the other vendors who helped create such a beautiful atmosphere for the shoot.