Brittany Lay-Senior Session

I thought I had an idea of what I was getting into before this shoot began.

I was completely wrong.

But in a good way! Before the session even begins, seniors have already given me a general idea of what their style is and what their expectations are for the session.

Brittany and her mom, Christine, shared some of their vision with me and explained that Brittany's style was very "hippie" and "free-spirited." They liked my naturalistic style of photography and thought that it coupled well with Brittany's style. 

I'm so glad they came to me because I can't get over how these photos turned out!

But nothing could have prepared me for the number of props that the Lay's brought with them. Part of me wishes they were mine to use for other sessions, but the other part of me knows that these items are all unique to Brittany. I'll admit, I was so thankful that Christine came and helped with all the props, she and Brittany were like clockwork and made the session run smoothly.

1000 Ways to Wear

I can guarantee that if I didn't point this out to you, you never would have known that it's the same dress in each of these photos. I love how something a little different was added each time.

Side note: I still like Brittany, even if she is a Canon person ;)

Isn't the round wooden frame just the coolest? I also love the lighting effect we tried in the bottom left corner. 

Wade in the Water

Quite a bit of effort was made to bring this idea to life. Christine came prepared and wore waders, and we finally found the right spot in the water (which was MUCH deeper than we anticipated) and placed the chair so it wouldn't sink in the mud.

It was also a little chilly that day, so I commend Brittany for sticking it out and going through with this shot. She's allergic to the cold, so capturing this was no easy feat for her either.

Side Note: The white dress in the bottom two pictures is Brittany's mom, Christine's, wedding dress. I love whenever special little things are incorporated into senior's images!

La Luna

Oh my goodness. I could have never planned for these images in a million years. Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time. The moon, the colors, and her outfit was just perfect.

Side note: These images contain the props that actually belong to me ;) 

In Conclusion:

Everyone has a different style and preference when it comes to their senior photos. I love trying new things, and I love how Brittany wasn't shy about sharing her style with me. I also thought it was interesting how the Lay's requested that the images remained unedited, so aside from some general color-correcting, these are close to the images I captured in-camera.