Ally Cunningham-Senior Session

Beauty in Simplicity

Without a doubt, this was a beautiful photoshoot! When I began planning this session with Ally, I soon figured out that she had pretty simple requests when it came to what she was wanting her senior session to look like. 

I like the variety of personalities and requests I get in my photoshoots, each one is unique and special in it's own way. 

Ally pretty much gave me free reign on where we went and what we did. I decided that having a balance between rustic and nature would be the best way to show off her personality. 

Neutral Tones

I love the chic mauve color that Ally chose to wear. It paired so perfectly with her honey brown eyes! Not to mention the neutral color fit in so well with the downtown scenery.  

It's good to be on the lookout for certain colors that can really help bring out your subject's best features. If you look at the images of Ally where she's sitting in front of the honey-brown door, you can tell that her eyes really pop in those images! With a great combination of light and the setting, it really helped bring those features to life. 

I really tend to gravitate towards portraits that feature the shoulders up or are three-quarters of the body. I've been trying to get more portraits that are somewhat environmental and highlight the full body of the subject. I really like the full-body image of Ally where she's standing in front of the door covered in vines. It really adds a lot of atmosphere and dimension to this photoshoot. 

Pure Gold

These images of Ally are breathtaking. It's so hard for the Golden Hour to disappoint! For those of you who might be reading a photography blog for the first time, the "Golden Hour" is the short period of time where the light is most pleasing for photographers to use. It's right before sunset or sunrise, and it naturally brings beautiful colors to your images. 

Truly Vibrant

I'm still somewhat in disbelief at how beautiful these images turned out to be! The sunset couldn't have been any more perfect and I love how there's even color in the reflection of the water. Simply stunning.

Added Color

Colorful smoke bombs have been a growing trend in the world of photography, and has been something I have wanted to try for a little while! Luckily Ally agreed to be my test model. Unfortunately, I discovered that the smoke bombs did not last as long as I thought they would, but we were still able to get some fun shots! Definitely an experience to remember.

In Conclusion

The only thing I would have changed about this session was the length on time the smoke bombs actually emitted smoke! Maybe I just need to find a smoke machine that changes colors when I want it to, and it would be battery powered so I could take it wherever I wanted. Oh well, everything else went smoothly, and the gorgeous sunset was an added bonus!