Taylor-Senior Session

I suppose you could consider this session the last session of the summer since all of the area schools are now back in session! I'm really excited with the way this group of images turned out. I was able to try some new things and in the end received some great results. 

Introducing: Taylor McIntosh

When Taylor's family first contacted me about taking her senior pictures, they told me they had some unique ideas in mind. I was so excited! I always love hearing different ideas from people. Angie, Taylor's mom, sent me some images that they had collected for inspiration. After seeing their ideas for myself, I knew that capturing some of them was going to be a new kind of challenge, but I was ready to give it my best effort!

Bump, Set, Spike!

For this group of images, Taylor decided she wanted to go to Caney's football stadium. I think our historic stadium is one of the prettiest, and it was a great location for this set of images. 


I really love whenever people bring props to their photoshoot! It gives me something else to work with along with the subject. This neat little setup was waiting for us at her aunt's ranch. And while we were photographing, we had a few of Taylor's family members set up lawn chairs and watch us take these photos. I can't say I've ever had an audience that size be present when taking senior portraits, but the McIntosh's are always good company!

The Golden Hour

If you haven't heard of what the "Golden Hour" is, it's the term photographers like to use to describe the length of time that takes place a little before or right when the sun is setting. In the past, I didn't have the right kind of equipment to be able to expose evenly for the subject and the sunset, but now that I have my off-camera flash, I can make sure that I get both the sunset's vibrant colors and the subject's face in the right amount of light without having to take away from one of the other.

Twinkle, Twinkle

We were able to capture this set of images after the sun went down. I was glad I had my off-camera flash with me to make this magic happen!

In Conclusion

It was easy to love everything about Taylor's session, and I was thrilled that I could bring the family's ideas to life. Spending time with the McIntoshs' is never dull! 

Caitlin Shepard